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What are the powers of Dhampires?

They don't have powers. They are just tougher, and stronger than humans. Moroi control one of the elements or spirit, but no damphir has a power. Moroi are soft, thin, and pale. Damphirs are big (not fat), tough, tan/pale (depends… Full Answer

Is rose a maroi?

If you're Talking About Rosemary Hathaway In The 'Vampire Academy' Books, Then No. Rose Is A Damphir, Which Means One Of Her Parents Are A Moroi, && The Other Is Either Human On Damphir. In Her Case, Her Dad Is… Full Answer

What is vampire acadmey about?

best friends, one is a vampire one is half, go to Vampire Academy which is a school and Rose- who is the half vamp- has to protect Lissa- the vampire- from Strigoi. Moroi are mortal vamps, Strigoi are immortal evil… Full Answer

Are all vampires evil?

No. Not all vampires are evil. Some are good beyond imagining, though for them to get to this point, some amount of control is needed. An example of good vampires are the Cullens from Twilight, the vampyres from the House… Full Answer