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What episode does ichigo die?

162 is the episode where Ulquiorra kills Ichigo the fist time but Orihime brings him back, then 270 is when he dies the second time, this time apparently for good. *cries* even though it's cruel, they are still my favourite… Full Answer

Is Leanne Crow single?

yes. she is single, however looking for a serious and commited relationship, she is growing up quick and prepared to explore her options. please get in touch with her, via texting, phone calls, facebook or simply by going to her… Full Answer

How do you teach your cat not to be scared of water?

when it least expects it throw water at it Muahahaha!!!!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you say so I will try lol, if it gets worse you owe me a better answer! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- dont throw water at the poor thing cats are land… Full Answer

Is icy tower fun?

OMG HECK YA. beware though, it is quite addicting. download icy tower 1.4 because i think that that is the newer version. ONCE YOU GET THE HANG OF IT YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO STOP. MUAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S A FREE… Full Answer