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Where are good museums in Romania?

In Bucharest: National Museum of Art, National Museum of History, the Village Museum, Geologic Museum, Biology Museum, Peasant Museum, Military Museum, Museum of folk costumes, Zambaccian museum of art, Pallady museum of art, Cotroceni Palace Museum, Philarelic museum, etc. And… Full Answer

What museums are there in London?

The top 10 museums in London include, the British Museum, Science Museum, Tate Gallery, Victoria and Albert museum, National Gallery, Imperial War Museum, Natural History Museum, National Maritime Museum, London Transport Museum,and the Museum of London. Full Answer

What is the muesems in England?

All towns and cities in the UK (including England) have a local museum of some sort. Most of the biggest and best known museums are located in London and include the British Museum, Natural History Museum, Science Museum, Geological Museum… Full Answer

What musuems are in New York?

It isn't just the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum and it is far more than the Guggenheim. Consider a visit to: Metropolitan Museum of Art. American Museum of Natural History. New Museum of Contemporary Art. New York City Museum… Full Answer

Where can one find the BMX Museum?

One could find the BMX Museum in Portland. The BMX Museum is considered an offbeat museum. This museum features former BMX racer Gary Sansom. One can also read more about the museum through their forums. Full Answer

Where is the Rijks Museum located?

The Rijks Museum is located in Amsterdam, North Holland in the Netherlands. The museum is located in the Museum Square in Amsterdam South. It is a Dutch national museum displaying the arts and history of Amsterdam. Full Answer