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What is the oldest orchestra?

The oldest orchestra in the European (classical) musical tradition is the Royal Danish Orchestra - known as "Det Kongelige Kapel" or "The Royal Chapel" in Danish - founded in 1448 by king Christian I and continuing to the present day… Full Answer

How many pieces did Handel compose?

About 612 works in all. Pieces for chamber orchestra, arias, organ concertos, cantatas, oratorios and operas. A catalog system, HWV (Handel-Werke Verzeichnis) represents all 612 works (pieces), although HWV 1 is not necessarily the first work of Handel anymore than… Full Answer

What did Handel compose?

Some of the greatest music ever. Notably oratorios such as Messiah and Israel in Egypt, fanfare such as Music for the Royal Fireworks and Water Music, concerti grossi and other chamber works, and operas such as Julio Caesare and Agrippina. Full Answer