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What is a baryton?

A baryton is a viol-like musical instrument which is played with a bow but also has a set of plucked strings, for which Haydn wrote a selection of pieces of music. Full Answer

5 general groups of musical instruments?

The 5 general groups of musical instruments are woodwind, brass, strings, percussion, and most recently the group of electronic instruments has been included. Woodwinds are blown through, strings require a bow, and percussion instruments are struck with either hands or… Full Answer

How does a violin make sound?

There are two ways to vibrate the strings. The first way is to pluck them. This is also called pizzicato. The second way is to use a bow, which is the most common way people play the violin during most… Full Answer

Is a cross bow a bow?

Across bow is a bow! It is not a traditonal bow in that you shoot it like a rifle, but it is a kind of bow. Wether or not you can hunt with them depends on your local state laws… Full Answer