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Who is the father of mycology?

Pier Antonio Micheli is the father of mycology Sir E.J.Butler is the father of Indian micology Anton De Bary is the father of modern mycology

What has the author G R Carter written?

G. R. Carter has written: 'Essentials of veterinary microbiology' -- subject(s): Veterinary bacteriology, Veterinary virology, Veterinary mycology 'Diagnostic procedures in veterinary bacteriology and mycology' -- subject(s): Technique, Diagnostic bacteriology, Veterinary bacteriology, Diagnostic mycology, Veterinary mycology

What do mycology study?

Mycology is a branch of biology concerned with the study of fungi. It studies the genetical and biochemical properties of fungi as well as their taxonomy and their use to humans.

Importance of mycology?

Mycology is the study of fungi and is crucial to the bioeconomy. It provides resources and information on how to deal with fungi in daily life, and especially in relation to health like food safety, poisonous or toxic fungi, etc.