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What are the names of the various tribes in Kenya?

Here are some, but by no means all. The coastal tribes are called the Mijikenda and comprise the Digo, Guriyama, Bajuni and others. Then there's Rendilli, Luo, Maasai, Turkhana, Wakamaba, Orma, Kikuyu (the largest and most poilitically powerful), Kalenjen, Samburu… Full Answer

Rate my dream team and fix it 2011?

backline: Enright, waters, gilbee, j hunt, toovey, a otten, heppell(tape, toy, webster)midfield: Hayes, judd, watson, black, pavlich, okeefe(krakouer, swallow, mzungu)ruck: sandilands, ryder(thompson, mcolloch)forward: rioli, j riewoldt, lecras, monfries, petterd, petrie, walters(prestia, matera, vonbertouch)rate pls Full Answer