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How were tanks originally classified?

As Landships. Armies had never utilized hatches, turrets, or internal cannons; consequently, armies had to turn to the Navy for technology. The first cannons (guns) installed in tanks were Naval guns. The nomenclature for tanks were adapted from Naval terms… Full Answer

What is armored landship?

Tanks were designed by naval architects, that is why they have naval terms to describe their parts: Hull, Bow (when they had bow machine guns), Turret, Hatches; and Back Deck. The first guns (cannons) mounted on tanks were naval guns… Full Answer

World War 2 naval guns?

Traditionally, naval guns have generally always been larger in caliber than army guns. For the simple reason army guns had to be hauled by horses. Shore batteries would be the exception to rule. But most of those would normally be… Full Answer

Do destroyers have antiaircraft guns?

Yes, they do. It became standard practice to add antiaircraft guns and autocannons to the defenses of naval vessels (which had previously relied solely on antiaircraft missiles) after lessons learned from the Falklands War, in which Argentine aircraft were able… Full Answer