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Why was new netherland called new netherland?

The official name of Netherland is "Koninkrijk der Nederlanden" ("Kingdom of the Netherlands"). Dutch people call it shortly "Nederland". "Nederland" consists of two words, "Neder" and "land". "Neder" is an old word for Low. The word "land" requires no further… Full Answer

What is the meaning of Netherlands?

Netherlands is the English translation of 'Nederland'. Nederland literally means 'low lying land' ('Neder' is an older word with the definition low and 'land' means land). The Netherlands are partially located below sea level and that is the reason why… Full Answer

Why do you call 'the' Netherlands?

I think you mean why you should you an article in front of the countries' name. If not, than this answer is not applicable. The complete Dutch term for their own country is "Koninkrijk der Nederlanden". Koninkrijk means kingdom, der… Full Answer

What actors and actresses appeared in 1922 - 1978?

The cast of 1922 - 1978 includes: Neder Abdel Mihalis Agelidakis Antigoni Amanitou as Loukia Panos Anastasopoulos Vasos Andronidis Nitza Avantagelou Costas Bakalis Panayotis Botinis Yorgos Charalabidis Dinos Doulgerakis Grigoris Dounis Kyriakos Efthimiou Giannis Fakis Nikos Fronimopoulos Mihalis Giannatos Katerina… Full Answer

How many stadiums are on FIFA 11?

There are 53 stadiums in fifa 11:Akaaroa StadiumAllianz Arena (Bayern Munchen)Aloha ParkAmsterdam Arena (Ajax)Anfield (Liverpool)Arena d'OroCamp Nou (Barcelona)Century Park ArenaCourt LaneCrown LaneEastpoint ArenaEl BombasticoEl MedioEl ReductoEmirates Stadium (Arsenal)Estadio Azteca (Mexico, International)Estadio de las ArtesEstadio del PuebloEstadio LatinoEstadio Mestalla (Valencia)Estadio Presidente… Full Answer

Who is Orestes Barbosa?

Orestes Barbosa wrote highly successful and classic valses, foxes, and sambas that were recorded by composers/interpreters like, Silvio Caldas,,,,,, Zezé Gonzaga, and, among others. He also wrote ten books and was a reporter… Full Answer

Do Thailand have any rivers or lakes?

Definitely! They have a whole bunch, such as Adige RiverAdriatic SeaAegean SeaAfafura SeaAlbaek BayAkagera RiverAlazani RiverAlboran SeaAliakmon RiverAllegheny RiverAltamaha RiverAmazon RiverAmu Darya RiverAmur RiverAmvraki GulfAndaman SeaAniva BayArabatskiy BayArabian SeaArafura SeaAral SeaAras River (Armenia)Aras River (Azerbaijan)Arctic OceanArgolic GulfArhus BayArkansas RiverArno RiverAtchafalaya… Full Answer