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What are the 2 major politicial parties in the us today?

Two Major Political Parties in the USA. (Source: Wikipedia) Party Name/Date Founded/Founder(s)/Associated Ideologies Democratic Party--1792 / 1820s--Thomas Jefferson / Andrew Jackson--American Liberalism, American Progressivism, Social Liberalism Republican Party/1854--Alvan E. Bovay--Conservatism, Economic Liberalism, Neoconservatism, Social Conservatism Full Answer

Who started the two party's?

The Founding Fathers disliked political parties, calling them "factions" motivated by self interest. Washington was so upset over the quarreling between Hamilton (Federalists) and Jefferson (anti-Federalists) that he devoted much of his Farewell Address to the evils of parties. The… Full Answer

What words begin with the prefix neo?

I came up with 187. Here's 96 of them: neoclassic neoclassical neoclassicism neoclassicisms neoclassicist neoclassicists neocolonial neocolonialism neocolonialisms neocolonialist neocolonialists neocon neocons neoconservatism neoconservative neocortex neocortexes neocortical neocortices neodymium neodymiums neogene neoliberal neoliberalism neoliberalisms neoliberals neolith neolithic neoliths neologic neologies… Full Answer

What are Scrabble words containing r v?

4-letter words arvo 5-letter words arval, arvos, carve, curve, curvy, ervil, larva, marvy, nerve, nervy, parve, serve, servo, varve, verve 6-letter words carved, carvel, carven, carver, carves, cervid, cervix, corvee, corves, corvet, curved, curves, curvet, curvey, ervils, fervid, fervor, garvey… Full Answer

Words that end with -ism?

Here are all the words that end in -ism abolitionism absenteeism absolutism abstractionism absurdism academicism academism achromatism acrotism actinism activism adoptianism adoptionism adventurism aeroembolism aestheticism ageism agism agnosticism agrarianism alarmism albinism alcoholism aldosteronism algorism alienism allelism allelomorphism allomorphism alpinism altruism… Full Answer