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What is neoliberal convergence?

Neoliberal convergence refers to when institutions, countries or organisations all converge around policies of neoliberalism. Neoliberalism is free market fundamentalism that believes that states should not interfere or provide welfare for the citizens. Full Answer

Is Mexico a collectivist country?

No. One of the results of the Mexican Revolution (1910-1921), was a new form of communal land, known as latifundio. Also several socialist reforms were implemented, such as an independent social security institution, government-owed industries - such as telecommunications, oil… Full Answer

What has the author Cedric Johnson written?

Cedric Johnson has written: 'The neoliberal deluge' -- subject(s): Emergency management, Hurricane Katrina, 2005, Race discrimination, Disasters, Neoliberalism 'Revolutionaries to race leaders' -- subject(s): History, Politics and government, Race relations, Radicalism, Revolutionaries, African American leadership, African American political activists, Black… Full Answer

What has the author Michael A Peters written?

Michael A. Peters has written: 'Heidegger, Education, and Modernity' 'Cognitive capitalism, education, and digital labor' -- subject(s): Knowledge management, Education, Capitalism 'Building knowledge cultures' -- subject(s): Economic aspects, Economic aspects of Education, Economic aspects of Knowledge management, Education, Knowledge management… Full Answer