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What is nested logic?

In Nested Logic a Logic is contained within a Logic. If the Outer Logic is TRUE then the internal Logic is executed. Nested IF, Nested For, Nested While, e.t.c are some examples of Nested Logic in Modern Computer Languages.

What is a nested watershed?

A nested watershed is simply a watershed within a watershed. An example might be the Platte River watershed which is a nested watershed within the Missouri River watershed which in turn is nested within the Mississippi River watershed.

What is nested xml?

When an element appears within another element, it is said that the inner element is "nested". The term nested can be related directly to the word "nest". If an element is nested within another element, then it is surrounded, protected… Full Answer

What is a nested tag in HTML?

In HTML, all elements (which are delineated by tags) are either contiguous or nested; they cannot overlap. A nested element is one that is contained inside another element, just as the HEAD and BODY elements are nested inside the HTML… Full Answer

What is a nested list?

A list within a list (or a list within another nested list). A list contains entries, which can be anything. Suppose those entries were lists themselves. Then they would be nested lists.

What is Nested Links?

A nested link is where one link is inside of another link. For example: <a href=""><p>I asked <a href="">THIS</a> question.</p></a> The link for the word "THIS" is nested within the outer link. Nested links are not allowed by the W3C… Full Answer

What does a nested file mean?

A nested file means that the file is under a few different folders, for example if you have a file called readme.txt it could be under the text folder which is under the programs folder. It just means that the… Full Answer