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Why did New Brunswick join the confederation?

The colony decided to enter Confederation for these reasons: Many of the settlers thought that the powerful United States wouldwant to expand northward into New Brunswick. How ( Full Answer )
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New Brunswick 1860's?

New Brunswick in the 1860's was mostly constituted of fishermen, farmers, and shipmakers. The land was rocky and not very fertile to frow crops in. There were also a lot of tr ( Full Answer )
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Where is New Brunswick?

New Brunswick is at Canada and the location is the longitude and latitude of new brunswick is 67N and 47W.
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What is New Brunswick famous for?

New Brunswick was known for their fishing.. also new brunswick was know for their lumbering and their wood.
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What natural resource are in New Brunswick?

There are a lot of meanings for "natural resources". So be specific of what you type in to find out the answers. I couldn't find anything I wanted so I had to be specific to f ( Full Answer )
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What natural resources are in New Brunswick?

We export a LOT of trees. JD Irving, who exports these trees, is one of the highest grossing companies in Canada.
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What does a nurse get paid in New Brunswick?

Not a lot. The job market in New Brunswick is poor at best, and therefore, people leave in search of jobs. A RN only makes about $15 per hour here. Nurses who do home ca ( Full Answer )
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How did New Brunswick get its name?

New Brunswick is named for the German city of Braunschweig,anglicized to "Brunswick". The name was chosen because at that time (1784) King George III wasnot only the British ( Full Answer )
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What does New Brunswick export?

Seafood is New Brunswick's single largest export. After that is lumber, minerals (rocks, gems, etc.), and precious metals (gold, silver, etc.). They also export a small amo ( Full Answer )
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What is the Origin name of New Brunswick?

Most people contribute the name origin of New Brunswick to English explorers, naming it after Brunswick county in the UK. Others contribute it to German settlers, who named ( Full Answer )
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What is the terrain like in new Brunswick?

There is apparently quite a bit of mountainous terrain and otherwise rugged terrain. This information came from wikipedia, to be honest, because multimap wasn't much help
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How old is New Brunswick?

The area we now call New Brunswick was originally a part of the British colony of Nova Scotia (as was Prince Edward Island).. On August 16, 1784, Britain separated New Brunsw ( Full Answer )
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What animals live in New Brunswick?

There are: -moose -whitetail deer -coyotes -fox -skunk -racoon -red and grey squirrels -partridge -pheasant -humpback whales -atlantic puffins -seal -black bear -lynx -cougar ( Full Answer )
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Which time zone is New-Brunswick in?

The time in New Brunswick, Canada is Atlantic Daylight Saving Time (UTC - 3 hours) from the 2nd Sunday of March to the 1st Sunday of November and Atlantic Standard Time (UTC - ( Full Answer )
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Is there a queen triggerfish in New Brunswick?

I won't say that you will never see one there, however Queen Triggerfish are native to the tropical regions of the world. You have better odds of seeing the Grey Triggerfish t ( Full Answer )
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What religion is new brunswick?

The largest denomination in New Brunswick is the United Church of Canada. They are made up of congregationalists, Presbyterians and Methodists. The second largest is the Angli ( Full Answer )
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What are some New Brunswick traditions?

in new Brunswick the people always open their presents on the night of Christmas eve with a big celebration with a big feast also with their families.
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What are traditions in New Brunswick?

A great one that I can think of takes place at the King's Landing Settlement outside of Mactaquac. In the Winter, fresh homemade maple syrup is poured over clean snow. When th ( Full Answer )
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Where did the name new brunswick come from?

Originally the territory included in modern New Brunswick was part of Nova Scotia. The American Revolution from 1775 to 1783 resulted in a large influx of Loyalist settlers, a ( Full Answer )
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Why did New Brunswick join into Canada?

Why did NB join? When the people voted on the issue they voted against the idea by electing an anti-Confederation provincial government. That did not reduce the debate or pres ( Full Answer )
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What is New Brunswick Canada?

New Brunswick is a province of Canada (one of 10). It is located on the east, Atlantic coast, and is part of the Maritimes region.
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Are there car services in New Brunswick?

"Yes, there are car services in New Brunswick. You can rent a car. Avis comes with a GPS system now that makes it easier to get around. If you prefer, you can also take a taxi ( Full Answer )
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What launguages do new brunswick speak?

New Brunswick is the only officially bilingual province in Canada speaking English and French. Although there are many people in New Brunswick who speak in native languages an ( Full Answer )
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When did new brunswick become new brunswick?

Way back in Aug 16 1784. Fun Fact: Manitoba and New Brunswick are Canada's only bilingual provinces. BUT Manitoba's history as a Colony of Canada excludes it from being consi ( Full Answer )
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What are the things that are made in New Brunswick?

Paper, paper products, beer (Moosehead) are made in N.B. to name a few. Saint John has the largest oil refinery in Canada (Irving). Seafood products (lobster, scallops,, etc. ( Full Answer )
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Is New Brunswick in Mississippi?

There is no town or city in Mississippi with the name NewBrunswick. New Brunswick is a province in Canada.
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Time zone new Brunswick?

The time zone in the Canadian province of New Brunswick is Atlantic Standard Time / Atlantic Daylight Saving Time (UTC-4/UTC-3). Daylight Saving Time begins at 2 AM AST on th ( Full Answer )
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Is New Brunswick an Atlantic Province?

Yes, New Brunswick is an Atlantic province. The other threeAtlantic provinces are Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, andNewfoundland and Labrador