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How did New Hampshire get its nickname?

New Hampshire got its nickname ,"The Granite State", because of itsmountains. Its Mountains are mostly made of granite.
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What is the state fish of New Hampshire?

State Freshwater Fish - Brook Trout: . The Brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) is New Hampshire's official freshwater fish adopted in 1994. . State Saltwater Game Fish - ( Full Answer )
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Who are the two New Hampshire congresment?

New Hampshire has two state senators and two representatives. Thesenators are Jeanne Shaheen and Kelly Ayotte, while therepresentatives are Carol Shea-Porter and Anne Kuster.
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New Hampshire chickens are raised for what?

THEY ARE USED TO MAKE FOOD. a dual purpose chickens ,selected more for meat prouduction than egg prouduction. a dual purpose chickens ,selected more for meat prouduction tha ( Full Answer )
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Who are historical figures of New Hampshire?

There are many historically famous people that were from NewHampshire. These individuals include Goody Cole, Sam Walter Foss,Horace Greeley, Ralph Addams Cram, Dan Brown, and ( Full Answer )
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Why was New Hampshire the colony found?

Who found NEW HAMPSHIRE and why please answer my question as soon you get to it. John Wheelright why?
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Major Cities In New Hampshire?

Major cities in the state of New Hampshire include the city ofManchester. Other cities are Nashua, Concord, and Derry Village.
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What is New Hampshires state song?

Old New Hampshire is the official state song of New Hampshire. Itwas written in 1926 and selected as the state song in 1949.
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Is Manchester in New Hampshire?

Yes, though it is not the only one. There is a smaller city in Connecticut named by the same name, not to mention the larger, original, Manchester, UK.
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Who is New Hampshire?

New Hampshire is a state, not a person. It is also a major fishing spot due to the many supplies of good fish around New Hampshire.
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How do you get to New Hampshire?

From Canada, rt 93 throughVermont, From Boston, NYC, Washington etc Interstate 95 through Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. Manchester has a large airport wth flights ( Full Answer )
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Famous food of New Hampshire?

New Hampshire is really known for: . maple syrup- it is always the best tasting syrup in New England . apple cider- afresh, local beverage . New England Clam Chowder- not ( Full Answer )
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Are there any Brownfields in New Hampshire?

Yes, there are some in: Pelham, Concord, Exeter, Portsmouth, Nashua, Manchester, Milton, Merrimack, Conway, Londonderry, etc.
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Is beryl found in New Hampshire?

Yes, beryl is found in New Hampshire, at dozens of pegmatite localities. Crystals range from colorless to white, yellow, green, or blue, and can be quite large, eg. 30 cm or m ( Full Answer )
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Is New Hampshire East from Connecticut?

New Hampshire is situated to the north of Connecticut, and her seaboard IS further East than Connecticut's Easternmost point.
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Why was New Hampshire chosen for the name?

Hampshire was a location in England. When the English settled the region, they named the region '"New" Hamshire', in dedication to the English location. The Same thing applies ( Full Answer )
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How far is New Hampshire to Maine?

only as far as the blink of an eye in some places but elsewhere up to several hundred miles
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Can you carry a handgun in New Hampshire?

You can carry a handgun openly without a permit, except in your vehicle. To carry a gun in your vehicle, or to carry a gun concealed, you must have a NH permit or a permit tha ( Full Answer )
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What are some legends from New Hampshire?

Eunice "Goody" cole was the only convicted witch in New Hampshire. She was conviced in 1656 and put into Hampon Jail. The legend is called The Witch of Hampton.
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What are New Hampshire facts?

well, I know that the state bug is a ladybug, and the state symbol is the old man of the mountain. Also one of the animals for it is the white tailed deer.
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What lakes does New Hampshire border?

none by actual delimitation but the borders of the state do run across the following 4 named lakes great east lake province lake umbagog lake & lake monomonac & many other ( Full Answer )
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Are ferrets legal in New Hampshire?

Yes, ferrets are legal in every state in the US, except in Hawaii, California and New York City, NY
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What did the tribe New Hampshire eat?

The tribe New Hampshire ate pumpkins dried meat and salted pork they also drank apple cider and perry juice from pears.
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Are there eagles in New Hampshire?

YES! Eagles live in every state except Hawaii. I am PRETTY sure they live in Canada too.........
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What was the location of the New Hampshire colony?

The New Hampshire colony was located on the Atlantic coast of NorthAmerica. It was one of the original thirteen colonies, existingfrom 1638 until 1776. The New Hampshire colon ( Full Answer )
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Why did John Mason called New Hampshire New Hampshire?

John Mason named the state New Hampshire because, back in England, there was a colony there that was called Hampshire, so they named it New Hampshire, and if you were wonderin ( Full Answer )