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Are there wild crawfish in New Jersey?

Absolutley....I grew up catching them often, in a small creek by my house (Pumpkin Patch Creek) in central nj. Unfortunatley, for decades people threw their fertilized grass c ( Full Answer )
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What is the frost line in new jersey?

The frost line refers to the depth to which the groundwater in soilis expected to freeze. In New Jersey, it is between 36 and 42inches.
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What is a major highway in New Jersey?

Well, there are many, Anyway, go to wikipedia and search up major highways in new jersey and easier way would be to google, yahoo, or
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Why people are on welfare in New Jersey?

People are on welfare because they cannot afford a proper life.They do not have enough money to support their family properly. Thestate government tries to help people find jo ( Full Answer )
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What are the social issues of New Jersey?

The social issues that effect New Jersey include a lack of fundingfor federal programs, gay marriage, social security, and improvingpublic education and health care. There are ( Full Answer )
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How can you get from JFK Airport to New Jersey?

Go west, young person, on the Belt Parkway to the Verazanno narrows Bridge then to the Goethals Bridge and cross over into sunny NJ
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How do you get from New York to New Jersey?

Assuming you mean New York City, by traveling west. You have a choice of trains, bridges and tunnels. From Rockland County one travels south.
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Why is New Jersey called New Jersey?

It Was a gift to the family de cartret from the king of EnglandCharles the 2nd de cartret are a family from jersey CI that belongsto the English crown. Because they named it a ( Full Answer )
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What was New Jersey called before New Jersey?

I think the name was taken from the British island of Jersey. In the same way "New York" was taken from the English city of York.
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What is a New Jersey?

The USS New Jersey is the only Vietnam Veteran battleship. She fired nearly 6,000 sixteen inch shells in the Vietnam War and she is naval histories last battleship to have fou ( Full Answer )
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Is New Jersey in New York?

They are separate states, so no, New Jersey is NOT in New York. No. It is a separate state and located adjacent to New York. The Hudson River separates New York and New Jerse ( Full Answer )
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Why is there a New Jersey instead of a Jersey?

For the same reason there is a "New England". There is a place in England called Jersey so when the Americas were settled, New Jersey was born.
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Why is it New Jersey not old jersey?

New Jersey is named for the isle of Jersey in the British Channel, birthplace of the first Lord Proprietor of the colony, Sir George Carteret.
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Where is New Jersey?

Northeastern United States to the east of Pennsylvania. New Jersey is located in the eastern part of the USA. It shares a border with New York and also with the Atlantic Ocean ( Full Answer )
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Do rats live in New Jersey?

Rats live on every continent on earth, except Antarctica, whereit's too cold, too few humans, and no food chain for any animal.
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Can you see Leo from New Jersey?

Certainly so. This sign can be seen best in early spring. The month of March
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How does New Jersey grow their crops?

They grow crops like corn, flowers, apples (fruit and vegetables). They usually grow them in the ground.
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Do doritos have pork in New Jersey?

Some flavors of Doritos have pork enzymes, but not all of them. The following website has a list of products that do not contain pork enzymes, which includes a list of Dorit ( Full Answer )
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What did the New Jersey plan purpose?

The New Jersey plan purposed that each state be given one vote, for equal representation under one legislative body.
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Where is New Jersey New Jersey?

There is no place called New Jersey, New Jersey. There is a place called Jersey City, New Jersey. It is in the northern part of the state, just north of Bayonne, East of Ne ( Full Answer )
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What is something new in New Jersey?

Lovely seashore, dairies , and some very nice scenery and LOTS of good restaurants, especially Italian food.
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Is the jersey shore located in New Jersey?

Season 1, 3, 5-present - Seaside Heights, New Jersey Season 2 - Miami, Florida Season 4 - Florence, Italy
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How do East Jersey and West Jersey relate to New Jersey?

New Jersey was divided into two, separately governed, provinces from 1674 to 1702, and these were called East Jersey and West Jersey. There is a link below to an article on Ea ( Full Answer )
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Why is New Jersey called New Jersey if there isn't a jersey?

As in New York, New Jersey refers to a place in the country thatthe founders were from. Also, ther used to be an island calledJersey, though I'm not sure if it exists anymore. ( Full Answer )
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Is there an Old Jersey if there is a New Jersey?

Yes, but it's not called Old Jersey, it's just called "Jersey." The "old" Jersey is a Channel Island between England and France.When England took possession of the Dutch colon ( Full Answer )
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What New Jersey cities are in northern New Jersey?

Jersey City, Newark, Trenton, Egg Harbor Township, Belmawr, Asbury Park, Garfield, West Orange, East Orange, Weehawken, Stockton, Hampton, Dover,Madison, Clifton, Wayne.
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What was the New Jersey?

Talking about US Constitution and declaration of state limits and city boundaries, New Jersey has always been part of USA, after the states won their freedom. the early coloni ( Full Answer )
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Is Jersey shore filmed in New Jersey?

Almost everywhere for the the past 4 seasons but the 5th seasons will be filmed in Seaside Heights.
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Is a jersey named after New Jersey?

No, New Jersey is named after the European Jersey. That's why it's called 'new' jersey.