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Where can one get Skinner pasta recipes?

One could find Skinner pasta recipes at some online websites. One could go to Skinner New World Pasta. One could also go to a library and look for the cooking/recipes section.

Why do people in Italy eat pasta?

People in Italy eat pasta because the are accustomed to eating it. They like pasta and it eat several different ways. People from all over the world enjoy pasta.

What are the classification of pasta?

•Pasta is broadly classified as •Pasta secca (dry pasta) •Pasta fresca (fresh pasta) •The above pasta are further classified as: •Pasta lunga (long pasta) more than 6cms. •Pasta corta (short pasta) •The above are the main basis for classifying pasta… Full Answer

Italian brands for pasta?

Italian brands of pasta include The Glorious Pasta of Italy, Montebello Organic Artisan Pasta, and Pirro Trofie Pasta From Italy.