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When a shirt is called basic shirt?

When a shirt is called a "basic shirt" it means, it isn't fancy or anything like that. It is just a regular shirt. Usually has no patterns on it but I think it can but the style would be basic.

What does T in T-shirt stand for?

The 'T' in t-shirt is simply because it it a 't shaped' shirt. Just like a hoodie is called a hoodie just because it has a hood. ;) Read more:

What does hemd mean?

Hemd is the German word for shirt; however, it usually only refers to either a dress shirt or a shirt with long sleeves. Germans have integrated the English word "t-shirt" into their language to describe short-sleeved shirts.

How much does an Adidas t shirt usually cost?

Adidas usually runs kind of expensive. The average prices for t-shirts is probably around $15. If you're looking for an underarmour type shirt it'll probably be more expensive, around $40 or $50.