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Who are the members of the band iron maiden?

There are six current members of the band Iron Maiden. These are: Steve Harris (Bass Guitar), Bruce Dickinson (Vocals), Dave Murray (Lead Guitar), Janick Gers (Lead Guitar), Adrian Smith (Lead Guitar) and Nicko McBrain (Drums). the current members are Steve… Full Answer

What is the largest drum set you can get?

The biggest packaged drum sets would have eight or nine drums, depending on how many floor toms you get. Seriously huge rigs like Neil Peart or Nicko McBrain have are custom ordered, and when you custom-order a drum set it… Full Answer

What is the religion of iron maiden?

After reading many of their lyrics, especially those of 'For the Greater Good Of God' and 'The Sign Of the Cross', it seems the band asserts the existence of a christian god. However, this is yet to be confirmed by… Full Answer

What age are the Iron Maiden members?

Lead vocalist Bruce Dickinson is 51 years old. Guitarist Dave Murray is 53 years old. Guitarist Janick Gers is 53 years old. Guitarist and sometimes backing vocalist Adrian Smith is 53 years old. Bassist, main songwriter and leader Steve Harris… Full Answer