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What rhymes with commitments?

Shipments, coefficients, assistants, admittance, consistence, insistence, mistress, factitious, business, thickness, sickness, fictitious, richness, stiffness, stillness, nonexistence, repetitious, and subsistence Full Answer

What types of firearms can citizens have?

It depends on where you live. In the USa, a citizen can have whatever they like; in some Commonwealth countries ownership is restricted to weapons that are of civilian style and not military; in others gun ownership is restricted to… Full Answer

Is God a God of War?

By most definitions, based on the religions which worship God, that answer is no. Fortunately our Pastor believes the soul is mortal, and, "the soul than sinneth shall perish". The word perish comes from the Latin per, completely, and eira… Full Answer

What is the nature of utopian society?

Utopia is a term for an ideal society. Its nature: 1. fictional, unrealistic, impossible to achieve, nonexistence 2. assumed as place of perfection 3. place where humankind's happiness is fulfilled 4. in theology, this is like paradise, el dorado, heaven… Full Answer

Are transformers ecstasy dopey or speedy?

honestly you need more info for this to be answered but most likely speed, im not saying dope is nonexistence in ecstasy but not very common will help you find more info on that tab around you area and… Full Answer

What are complex grammatical forms?

negatives: nonexistence, rejection, denial questions: rising inotations, subject-verb inversion correct yes-no questions precede wh-questions other complex constructions: connectives-first us "and" embedded sentences, tag questions, indirect-direct objects, passive sentences Full Answer

What do athesit beilieve?

Answer: Atheists generally believe in provable facts. Howevert as atheists are not a group, except for the common position regarding the nonexistence of deities, individual atheists are free to be on either side of any question they want - the… Full Answer

Are kahjiits real?

Yes, they do exist but they are near extinction and that is why they were placed in the elder scrolls series, to help raise aware about there all most nonexistence. they live in any place that is warm and hot… Full Answer

Is Taoism transtheistic?

Transtheism:Is an objective belief that neither completely asserting nor rejecting the existence of Divinities. Characteristics of a transtheistic view: Neither asserting nor rejecting the existence of Divinities. An objective faith or belief system to the existence or nonexistence of Divinities… Full Answer

How can you prove mermaids aren't real?

This runs into the problem of trying to prove something doesn't exist. The only way to prove a negative statement like this is to do an exhaustive search of the universe and this is obviously unfeasible. Same thing goes for… Full Answer

What does apathetic mean?

Apathy means not caring. Someone who is apathetic doesn't care. The person has no feeling one way or the other. Someone who is apathetic, in terms of spirituality, lacks interest in a deity. For example, they wouldn't consider the question… Full Answer

Who creates the number?

"The man" is only the word to begin with to answer the question. I always wonder god knows all these clumsy notations and counting procedures and used them to create such a beautiful real world. If one has got to… Full Answer

Why women were nonexistence in epic poems?

They're not...not in the least. Unless you mean epic poetry written by women, which I do know is out there. But it sounds like you're asking about female characters, in which case I'm curious as to what epic poetry you've… Full Answer

What is real?

"Reality," the concept, is contrasted with a wide variety of other concepts, largely depending upon the intellectual discipline. It can help us to understand what we mean by "reality" to note that what we say is not real because we… Full Answer