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Who said fined a need and fill it?

Three possible answers: Nobody, because while it is possible to find a need or to fine a need, it is not possible to fined a need. A dentist. Ruth Stafford Peale, wife of Reverend Norman Vincent Peale who wrote "The… Full Answer

What is a Possibilitarian?

Someone who believes that there are always possibilities, if you look for them. The word comes from Norman Vincent 'Power of Positive Thinking' Peale, who wrote: "I challenge you to become a 'possibilitarian'. No matter how dark things seem to… Full Answer

What male celebrities have three names?

In the US many males (celebrities or not) HAVE three names, but most don't commonly use all three. There are a few exceptions, like Charles Nelson Reilly and Norman Vincent Peale (or, for a different definition of "celebrity", Lee Harvey… Full Answer