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What is the distance from North America to South America?

The answer will depend entirely on which two points in North America and South America a person is interested in. Use the link below to find the distance between two cites. ( Full Answer )
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What is North America?

It is a continent located in both the northern and western hemispheres. North America is the third largest continent. It contains the countries, islands and territories of: ( Full Answer )
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The ocean north of north america?

The ocean that is north of North America is the Arctic Ocean. TheArctic Ocean is the smallest of Earth's five oceans.
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Is Central America in North America?

If you have to divide the Americas into North and South America, yes, it is in North America.
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Are South America and North America connected?

The correct answer would be yes, they are connected. NorthAmerica's only land connection to South America is at the Isthmusof Panama. However, there is the Panama Canal runnin ( Full Answer )
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What separates North America from South America?

The Panama/Colombia border. Central America North America and South America are technically the same thing. they were connected until the panama canal was built. interesti ( Full Answer )
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Is North America north of the equator?

Yes it is. The equator passes through the northern part of South America, well below both North and Central America.
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Is Jamaica in North America or South America?

Jamaica is not geographically a part of either continent (or any) because it is an island nation, but Jamaica (as well as the rest of the Caribbean) is politically a part of N ( Full Answer )
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Where does North America divided from South America?

The separation of North America and South America is the Panama Canal (and for a more generic answer, the separation is just concluded to be at the Panama-Colombia border so P ( Full Answer )
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Who is north America and South America named after?

The were named after Amerigo Vespucci. He proved that the Americasweren't Asia, but a separate land mass. Mapmakers then named the"New World" after the first person to figure ( Full Answer )
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What is between North America and South America?

The Isthmus of Panama. One could also answer: Between North And South America are situatedCentral America and the Caribbean. Some consider Nort America onlyfrom the Mexican bo ( Full Answer )
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Where are north America and South America?

Both continents are located in what is called the Western Hemisphere. North America is the continent where it's northernmost islands are within the Arctic Circle, and extends ( Full Answer )
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Which continent is north of north America?

There is no continent north of North America. There is the Arctic ocean. Canada is within North America.
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Does north America touch South America?

YES. NO NO NO. North America Ends with the southern end of Mexico. Central America connects to South America through many Central American countries. The Isthmus of Panama whi ( Full Answer )
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What is in between north America and South America?

There is nothing between the two continents as far a land is concern. The Panama-Colombia border is what makes up the boundary or border between the two continents. North of t ( Full Answer )
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Is North America connected to America?

North America and South America are separate continents connected by a thin mass of land called Central America.Yes,we can also call it the mini distric.
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Why was North America named North America?

It was named America first, then Brazil and the places to the south were founded. They were then called North America and South America, for one is North and one is South.
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What did America gain from North America?

Since America was such a weak nation any country could really attack. However, the large oceans saved us. North America is positioned so that by the time any country got to us ( Full Answer )
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Is North America and the Americas the same?

No. North America is a single continent while the Americas is a "supercontinent" that combines the two continents of North and South America.
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Is South America attached to North America?

Yes. The continents are connected at Panama. Although building thePanama Canal separated them on the surface, it technically onlyseparates two halves of Panama.
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Is America a country in North America?

The United States is a country in North America. America is a general term used for both North and South America, but usually when people say the word "America" they are refer ( Full Answer )
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What is in the north part of North America?

Depending on how far North you want to go. Starting from the top, there's the Arctic Circle, Canada, Greenland (sometimes considered part of the European/Russian area), Alaska ( Full Answer )
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Why is North America called America?

America is named after Amerigo Vespucci, an Italian explorer and cartographer who is credited as being the first cartographer to make a map of the Americas as not being part o ( Full Answer )
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Is Canada in South America or North America?

Seriously? Canada is North American, and not only is it North American, it literally takes up the biggest space in North America.
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Is north America bigger then north America?

No, one thing cannot be larger than itself, since it is the same item. For example, if you have a banana, you cannot say "this banana is much tastier than this banana" (referr ( Full Answer )
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Is North America considered cental America?

I noticed a mistake there in the question. It says cental but its supposed to say central so yes North America is considered Central America! Duh! We're not Southern America a ( Full Answer )
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Who is the president of north America and south America?

No-one. North America and South America are continents and they contain many countries, each of which has its own leader. For example, each of the countries in South America ( ( Full Answer )
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Is North America north or south of South America?

It would have to be north to have that term applied. All ofNorth America is north of the equator, and most of South America issouth of the equator.
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What is north America and south America named for?

North and South America are named after the Italian explorer, Amerigo Vespucci. He was the one who let it known that Columbus had discovered a new world.
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Is north America America?

Yes and no. If you mean "America" the continent, then it's true -and you also have South America. If you mean The United States ofAmerica, then, no because North America is th ( Full Answer )