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What is the Northwest Territory?

US Northwest Territory was an organized, incorporated territory in theUnited States from 1787 until 1803. It included the land in thestates of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michiga ( Full Answer )
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Was Illinois part of the Northwest Territory?

Illinois was a part of the Northwest Territory until 1809. It wason February 3, 1809 that it was established as the IllinoisTerritory by the10th United States Congress.
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What borders the Northwest Territories?

British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, the Yukon, Nunavut and the Arctic Ocean. Technically a water border is also shared with Russia via the North Pole. See the map to unde ( Full Answer )
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What religion are the people of Northwest Territories?

The aboriginals of the Northwest Territories were typically nomadicgroups, oriented with a mother earth/creator type spirituality.They believed in legends which explained the ( Full Answer )
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What is northwest territories motto?

There is none. And Land of the Midnight Sun as previously proposed is the motto of Alaska.
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What treaty gained the northwest territory?

Regarding the Northwest Territories in the United States : The British ceded the area north of the Ohio River and west of the Appalachians at the end of the Revolutionar ( Full Answer )
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When did the Northwest Territories join Canada?

NWT joined Canada in 1999 __ The NWT joined Confederation in July 15, 1870. Nunavut was created and joined Confederation in 1999.
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Who settled in the Northwest Territories?

As the Northwest Territories originally were the Rupert's land of the Hudson's Bay company, the early settlers were British traders, with the aborigial people already living i ( Full Answer )
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What States came from the Northwest territory?

The five modern-day statesthat make up the Northwest Territories are . OHIO . ILLINOIS . INDIANA . MICHIGAN . WISCONSIN . MINNESOTA Hope this is what ur looking 4! ( Full Answer )
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Why did the us want the northwest territories?

for "scientific reasearch". more for the large reserves, and i mean VERY large reserves of natural gas, oil, and gas
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What state was carved out of the northwest territory?

The Northwest Territory referred to land Northwest of the Ohio.Multiple states were carved from this region. They are Ohio,Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Northeas ( Full Answer )
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What are facts about Northwest territories?

Northwest Territories is the only province with a town with knife in the name. It is the only province with the Mackenzie river emptying into the Arctic ocean, and it is also ( Full Answer )
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What did the French want with the Northwest territory?

Let us first clarify that the "Northwest Territory" refers to theregion that roughly corresponds with the US Midwest, namely some orall of the land in the states of: Ohio, Ind ( Full Answer )
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What are crops in Northwest Territories?

No crops are grown in the Northwest Territories of Canada. Thepermafrost is too high, growing season much too short, and summerstoo cold to be able to produce or grow any sort ( Full Answer )
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Which is safer Ontario or Northwest Territories?

no state or province or anything is different are safe rate is all the same... northwest territories is as safe as Ontario there no safer then each other and each province in ( Full Answer )
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When the Northwest Territories became a territory?

Section 146 of the British North America Act (now the Constitution Act ) provided for the admission of Rupert's Land and the North-western Territory into Canada. They were ( Full Answer )
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Where are the Northwest Territories found?

They are West of Yukon, East of Nunavut, and North from Alberta and Saskatchewan. If your not sure, check Google maps and go to Northern Canada. Hope this helps! :)
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Why are the Northwest Territories called Northwest Territories?

Originally, the entire region outside eastern Canada was included in the North-West Territory , being generally anywhere north and/or west of Hudson Bay ( Rupert's Land ). In ( Full Answer )
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How did the northwest territory affect the Sioux?

By the time the Northwest Territory was established, the Sioux had left that region and gone west. It did not affect them. The old Northwest Territory ended at the Mississippi ( Full Answer )
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How has the population changed in Northwest Territories?

Between 1870-1900 the population reached its peak of 99,000. Between 1900-1930 It reached its lowest population of 6,500 because Yukon and parts of Alberta and Saskatchewan w ( Full Answer )
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What was the conflict in the Northwest Territory about?

The Northwest Territory was to be given away by British forces under the treaty of Pairs in 1783. However, the American Indian tribes in Northwest Territories put up a strong ( Full Answer )
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What do they wear in Northwest Territories?

they wear parkas and moccasins. they decorate their clothes with dyed Pporcupine quills and glass bEADS of their clothes are made of animal furs and seal skin. they make boots ( Full Answer )
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How did the northwest territory get settled?

The Congress enacted the Northwest Ordinance, structuring settlement of the Northwest Territory and creating policy for the addition of new states to the nation.