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Is deliciously an adjective?

It's an adverb. Delicious is an adjective, but when you add the suffix -ly, it is describing the manner in which someone is doing something. Example: Julianna Margulies is deliciously nuanced as wronged woman Alicia Florrick in The Good Wife… Full Answer

Can Muslims fight?

Yes. Muslims are not pacifists. Whether or not they should fight in any particular instance and the method that they should use while fighting is subject to incredibly nuanced Islamic legal jurisprudence as embodied in Shari'a. Full Answer

Is along an adverb?

It can be an adverb: "He ran along beside me." It can also be a preposition: "Somewhere along the way I lost my hat. " It depends on the usage, and the definition can be nuanced. It is an adverb… Full Answer

What is moral conservation?

Thank you for asking this question. I would equate moral conservation with the notion of conservation from developmental psychology. That is to say as you become more educated and more mature, you're able to make more nuanced and complex moral… Full Answer

How can to make your own paint colors?

Artists make their own paint colors all the time by blending other colors. You can blend primary colors with other primary colors, with secondary colors, with tertiary colors, and even with small amounts of black or white to create very… Full Answer

How is prostitution a victimless crime?

So long as both parties are willing to enter into the transaction, where is the victim? A more nuanced view is that perhaps the prostitute does not really want to be there, but is compelled to work as a prostitute… Full Answer

Where can one find more information on new Ford trucks?

For the most in-depth information, one should contact their nearest Ford dealership. Doing so will allow one to ask an industry professional questions pertaining to his or her specific interests, resulting in more accurate, nuanced answers than one could easily… Full Answer