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Do any owls have webbed feet?

Owls have talons and may have feathered feet, but do not have webbed feet. Instead, owls have a rough nubby surface which covers the foot, and helps to grip its prey for capture. Full Answer

Why are some cats bob tail?

Hi there..cats who have a nubby tail are known as Manx. It is a genetic mutation that occurred several hundred years ago. The Manx breed originated on the Isle of Man where there they are commonly found. You can learn… Full Answer

How safe is nylabone?

Relatively safe - there is minimal risk of shattering or fracturing of the chew toy. However, if you have an aggressively chewing dog that will shred the Nylabone, there may be a risk of stomach or intestinal blockage from the… Full Answer

What rhymes with margie?

couldn't find any two-syllable rhymes, but for the last syllable "ee" here are some: abbey baby be bee booby bribee busby cb Crosby derby dolby freebie frisbee gatsby gobi goby herby maybe nimbi nubby phoebe ruby rugby shabby Toby zombie… Full Answer

How many words have double B's?

abbey abbreviate babble bobble bubble blubber chubby dribble dabble ebb flubbed flabby fibbed gibbon grubby gabby hubby hobby knobby libber lobby jabber mobbed nabbed nubby nappy pebble rubble subbed stabbed stubby ribbon robber stubby stubborn slobber snobby tabbed Full Answer

What does the capybara look like?

Well it lives in the Rain Forest's looks like the monkey and the sloth's mostly like the sloth because it hangs on trees.That's all I can tell you about it.I admit I don't know much about the Capybara myself! I… Full Answer

What Scrabble words end with the letter by?

GrandbabyPassersbyCobwebbyPasserbyCrybabyHushabyLullabyMangabyRockabyRudesbySassabyScrubbyShrubbySquabbyStandbySwingbyTherebyWallabyWherebyBlabbyBlebbyBlowbyBrumbyChubbyClubbyCrabbyCrumbyDweebyFlabbyForebyGlobbyGoodbyGrabbyGrubbyHerebyKnobbyKnubbyNearbyScabbyShabbySlobbySnobbySnubbyStubbySwabbyTrilbyBilbyBobbyBoobyBubbyBusbyCabbyCobbyColbyCorbyCubbyDaubyDerbyDobbyFlybyForbyGabbyHerbyHobbyHubbyLambyLimbyLobbyLoobyNobbyNubbyOutbyRibbyRubbyRugbyTabbyTubbyWebbyWombyYabbyBabyDobyGabyGobyInbyOrbyRubyTobyUpbyAby Full Answer

Words with b in the middle?

album amber baseball babble bobble bubble blabber blubber burble bubble bourbon carbon cabin chubby cymbal cable cabbage celebrate debunk debt dabble double daybreak emblem eyebrow embalm embark embrace enable feeble fumble fable fabric gibbon garbled garbage gable goblin grubby gamble… Full Answer