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How many nucleotids are in a double helix?

The number of nucleotides (and base pairs) varies from species to species. However, the number of DIFFERENT nucleotides is 4: - adenine nucleoside phosphate - cytosine nucleoside phosphate - guanine nucleoside phosphate - thymine nucleoside phosphate Full Answer

What does analogue data mean?

Analogue data is data in a continuous stream that has an infinite range of values that change gradually. One example of analogue data is the sound of a person talking. We are capable of handling analogue data, yet computers require… Full Answer

Why is analogue a series of pulses?

An analogue signal is not a series of pulses. An analogue signal is a continuous signal which is modulated (changed) in some way to carry information. Common modulations for analogue are Amplitude Modulation (AM), and Frequency Modulation, (FM). There are… Full Answer