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What colours are penguins?

Penguins are black on the majority of their body. They usually have a white stomach and or tail. Depending on species, they can cave numerous colors such as pink or orange on their face. Full Answer

Who dressed Santa Claus in red?

Coca-Cola, in numerous ads popularized the present Santa Claus costume with night cap, red and white basic colors, black Garrison Belt- and boots, usually black. There is gold or brass trim on the belt buckle, etc. Green is not anywhere… Full Answer

What is the latin word for numerous?

numerous = numerosus -a -umabundant, numerous = abundans -antisabundant, plentiful, numerous = largus -a -um ( of things)a crowd, multitude, numerous attendance = celebritas -atis f.a large concourse, numerous assembly, population = frequentia -aea numerous assembly or attendance = celebratio… Full Answer