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What is nybble?

It's spelled "nibble." Here is the definition as it is in terms of amount of information that a computer can send. You can have 1 bit (which is a 1 or a 0), 4 bits make a nibble, 8 bits… Full Answer

Where is hexadecimal used?

Hexadecimal is used whenever we want to notate a binary value because each hex digit maps directly with each 4 bit nybble (half a byte). A 64-bit binary value can therefore be reduced to a more concise 16-digit hex value. Full Answer

Code for changing background color in C plus plus?

There is no generic C++ code for changing background colours as consoles are platform-specific. In Windows, for instance, you would use the SetConsoleTextAttribute function. The following code demonstrates how it works: #include<iostream>#include<Windows.h>int main(){for(int colour=0x00; colour<=0xff; ++colour){SetConsoleTextAttribute(GetStdHandle(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE),colour);std::cout<<"Using colour:"<<colour<<std::endl;}return(0);} Note that the… Full Answer