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What are the symptoms of nystagmus?

Nystagmus can be classified depending upon the type of motion of the eyes. In pendular nystagmus the speed of motion of the eyes is the same in both directions. In jerk nystagmus there is a slow and fast phase. Full Answer

What are the causes of nystagmus?

There are many causes of nystagmus. Nystagmus may be present at birth. It may be a result of the lack of development of normal binocular fixation early on in life. This can occur if there is a cataract at birth… Full Answer

What is nystagmus?

Commonly, nystagmus is defined as rapid, repeated movements of the eyes. Clinically, physiological nystagmus is a type of eye movement characterized by alternating slow phase movements in one direction and Saccade-like quick phases in the other direction. Full Answer

The nystagmus test has to do with?

The nystagmus test has to do with checking eye movement, which is not voluntary. This movement may result in limited vision. One nystagmus test, caloric reflex test is by filling up one of the ear canals with water or air… Full Answer