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What has the author Samuel Slipp written?

Samuel Slipp has written: 'Object Relations' -- subject(s): Family Therapy, Family psychotherapy, Object Attachment, Object relations (Psychoanalysis), Psychoanalysis, Psychoanalytic Therapy 'Technique & Practice of Object' 'The Freudian mystique' -- subject(s): History, Femininity, Psychology, Psychoanalysis and feminism, Women, Psychoanalysis 'The technique… Full Answer

What has the author Kenneth Wright written?

Kenneth Wright has written: 'Vision and separation' -- subject(s): Child analysis, Child development, Ego, Face perception in children, Mother and child, Mother-Child Relations, Object Attachment, Object relations (Psychoanalysis), Psychoanalytic Theory, Psychotherapy, Separation individuation, Separation-individuation 'Water Rights in the 50 States… Full Answer

What has the author Eda G Goldstein written?

Eda G. Goldstein has written: 'Object relations theory and self psychology in social work practice' -- subject(s): Self psychology, Object relations (Psychoanalysis), Psychiatric social work, Social case work 'Short-term treatment and social work practice' -- subject(s): Social service, Social case… Full Answer

What has the author Antonino Ferro written?

Antonino Ferro has written: 'Mind works' -- subject(s): Creative ability, Methods, Professional-Patient Relations, Psychoanalytic Therapy, Methodology, Creativeness, Therapy, Imagery (Psychotherapy), Mental Disorders, Psychoanalytic Theory, Psychoanalysis 'The bi-personal field' -- subject(s): Psychoanalysis, Child psychiatry, In infancy & childhood, Psychotherapist and patient… Full Answer

What has the author Otto F Kernberg written?

Otto F. Kernberg has written: 'Love relations' -- subject(s): Love, Object relations (Psychoanalysis), Psychoanalysis 'Internal World and External Reality Object Relations Theory Applied' 'Objektbeziehungen und Praxis der Psychoanalyse' 'Severe personality disorders' -- subject(s): Borderline personality disorder, Diagnosis, Methods, Narcissism, Personality… Full Answer

What has the author Patrick Mullahy written?

Patrick Mullahy has written: 'The beginnings of modern American psychiatry' -- subject(s): Psychoanalysis 'A study of interpersonal relations' -- subject(s): Psychiatry, Interpersonal relations, Psychiatrie, Relation interpersonnelle, Collected Works, Psychoanalysis, Personality 'Interpersonal psychiatry' -- subject(s): Child psychology, Interpersonal relations, Mental Disorders… Full Answer

What has the author John E Gedo written?

John E. Gedo has written: 'The biology of clinical encounters' -- subject(s): Psychoanalysis, Psychobiology 'The languages of psychoanalysis' -- subject(s): Psychotherapist and patient, Semiotics, Psychoanalysis, Interpersonal communication 'Psychoanalysis and Is Discontents' 'Beyond interpretation' -- subject(s): Case studies, Psychoanalysis, Psychoanalytic Theory… Full Answer