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What is Ohio?

Ohio is the 17th state of The United States of America, and is one of the midwestern states. It is also the 36th largest state, and has about 11.5 million residents! Ohio's ( Full Answer )
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Where is Ohio?

Ohio is in what is called the "midwestern" part of the UnitedStates. It is located between Ohio and Pennsylvania in thenortheastern part of the continental US.
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Who found Ohio?

When the first Europeans began to arrive in North America, Native Americans participated in the fur trade. When the Iroquois confederation depleted the beaver and other game i ( Full Answer )
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Where is the Ohio River?

The Ohio River is located in The United States of America, North America, on the planet Earth. The Ohio River forms the southern boundaries of the states of Ohio, Indiana, and ( Full Answer )
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What was the admittance of Ohio?

it was the 17th state made. it was started in march 1 1803 trust me
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Who is the govner of Ohio?

As of June 2014 the current Governor of Ohio is John Kasich. He isa member of the Republican Party and took office in 2011.
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Are there wolves in Ohio?

there aren't supposed to be. supposedly the last wolf killed in Ohio was in 1842. however, there are numerous eyewitnes ( Full Answer )
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Population in Ohio?

The state of Oho has a population of 11,570,808 as of 2013estimates. The capital of Ohio is Columbus with a population of787,033.
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Are there scorpions in Ohio?

I don't know for sure if there are scorpions in Ohio, however I was climbing a very rocky/dirt cliff at the Metro Park in Euclid, Ohio (suburb of Cleveland) and something craw ( Full Answer )
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What is Ohio nickname?

The nickname for the state of Ohio is the Buckeye State. The reasonit is called that is because the state was densely populated withbuckeye trees at one time.
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Does Ohio own the Ohio river?

No, Kentucky owns it. It was just named the Ohio River because tons of people in the late 1600's came down that river to come to Ohio so that's why its called the "Ohio River" ( Full Answer )
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Is there a pinkberry in Ohio?

no :( only in New York and California . The above answer is WRONG. There is 1 location in Ohio-in Bowling Green at BGSU.
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How do you get an emancipation in Ohio?

There is no statute in Ohio. You'll have to wait until you are the age of majority. If you are not safe at home, contact the local social services agency to get help.
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Is Connecticut in Ohio?

No, they are both U.S. states-- Connecticut is in the northeast and Ohio is halfway across the country, in the northern central region.
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What is in Ohio?

Ohio is the 17th State in the United Stated of America. The capital is Columbus,Ohio. The state bird id the cardinal.The state animal is the White-Tailed Deer. The state repti ( Full Answer )
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How do you get to Shadyside Ohio from StClairsville Ohio?

Take I-70 EAST to I-470 EAST to BELLAIRE and WASHINGTON, PA at EXIT 219. . Take I-470 EAST to OH-7 to BELLAIRE and BRIDGEPORT at EXIT 6. . Turn right off of the exit ramp on ( Full Answer )
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Why was Ohio named Ohio?

Ohio means beautiful river in native American and when the native Americans saw the Ohio river they called the area Ohio.
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How do you get to Maumee Ohio from Cleveland Ohio?

take the Ohio turnpike wb to i 280 outside of Toledo and there is maumee,Ohio on the maumee river,or u can go the the two lanes all the way.
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Where is the Ohio river located in Ohio?

The southern border. And goes all around Kentucky it ends in Tennessee and goes around and borders rivers like the Mississippi.
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Where is the Ohio river in Ohio?

It's along the southern border, between Ohio and West Virginia/Kentucky. The southern edge of the state is defined by the river.
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What is the Ohio nickname?

The U.S. State of Ohio has several nicknames: . Buckeye State . Mother of Modern Presidents . Yankee State (in the early 1800s, but not now) And then there are slogans: ( Full Answer )
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What can you do in Ohio?

There's alot to do starting with all kinds of malls, Kalahari in Sandusky, Casta Way Bay, Cedar Point, and go spend a nice evening on the Lake Erie beaches. :)
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Why is the Ohio shape on the Ohio quarter?

The designs of the State Quarters were approved by each state, withminimal restrictions on what could be included, as long as thedetail would show up from the dies.
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Why is Ohio popular?

Ohio is popular for a couple reasons. First we have Cedar Point amusement park. One of the biggest, may be the biggest (not sure), in the world. Secondly our museums, the wrig ( Full Answer )
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Is there a zoo in Ohio?

There are a few. The most notable is the Columbus Zoo, which had Jack Hannah as its curator for MANY years.
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How did Ohio get its shape?

Ohio got its shape due to the border lines that were set duringNorthwest terrtories for example pennsylvania it already set theeastern border and the ohio river set the southe ( Full Answer )
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Why is there humidity in Ohio?

There is humidity - moisture in the air - everywhere on earth because water vapor in the atmosphere is constantly being moved around, and water on earth is always being evapor ( Full Answer )
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What is Ohio border-Ohio h20?

lakes and rivers are the natural boundaries to the south (Ohio River), on the east, the Ohio River runs between Ohio and West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania connect with a po ( Full Answer )
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Is Ohio a commonwealth?

No. Several US states have commonwealth designation. These states are Virginia, Massachusetts, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania.
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Is Ohio clean?

Some of the rural parts of Ohio are cleaner than the industrial sites in Ohio.
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How do you get to antarctica from Ohio?

You can fly commercially to several countries near Antarctica, including Chile, Argentina, New Zealand and Australia, then you could hire a boat or a private airplane to take ( Full Answer )
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Is Ohio in America?

Within the United States, there exists a state, a major river, and various smaller municipalticies called "Ohio".
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Is a tornado at Ohio?

Tornadoes can and have occurred in Ohio, but none have been reported today (June 7, 2011).
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What city of Ohio are there?

I think you need to take a course on english cause i have no idea what the hell you are trying to say.
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How cold does Ohio get?

The coldest ever recorded air temperature in Ohio is -39°F (-39°C) on February 10, 1899 in Milligan, OH The average low temperatures in January are about 18°F (-7 ( Full Answer )