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Is steph's mum really a jester?

Steph Penile? Cause If It Is, Then Her Mum Aint A Jester. That's Actually Really Rude Matee, You Shouldn't Talk Bout People's Mums Likee That Cause Mums R Awesome People && I Bet This Steph's Mums Well Nice && Cool… Full Answer

What is a word with a in the middle?

The letter A is in the middle of hundreds of words. A few of those words include abate, adapt, again, alarm, amaze, apart, avail, await, awake, award, aware, beach, beans, beard, bears, beast, black, blade, blame, blaze, braid, brake, brand… Full Answer

What is a 5 letter word that starts with the letter o?

oaken, oakum, oared, oases, oasis, oasts, oaten, oater, oaths, oaves, obeah, obeli, obese, obeys, obias, obits, oboes, obole, oboli, obols, occur, ocean, ocher, ochre, ochry, ocker, ocrea, octad, octal, octan, octet, octyl, odahs, odder, oddly, odeon, odeum, odist, odium, odors… Full Answer