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Who was Oklahoma purchased from?

Oklahoma was part of the Louisana Purchase originally. From there it went to the United States, to the Native Americans, was then taken away from the Native Americans again by ( Full Answer )
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Where did Oklahoma get its name?

The state's name is derived from the Choctaw words okla and humma , meaning "red people"
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What is there to do in Oklahoma?

That totally depends on where you are going. I would suggest looking up Discover Oklahoma. There is a lot to see and do here. Tulsa is much nicer than OKC too.
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Where is Oklahoma?

Oklahoma is a landlocked state in south central United States. Itis bordered by 6 states; Texas on the south, New Mexico on thewest, Colorado on the northwest, Kansas on the n ( Full Answer )
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Who is the Governor of Oklahoma?

The current Governor of Oklahoma is Mary Fallin (R). Fallin assumed office as the 27th Governor of Oklahoma on January 10, 2011. Mary Falin is the governor of Oklahoma.
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How do I get bonded in Oklahoma?

Your first step in obtaining a surety bond in Oklahoma is to contact a surety agent that is familiar with the bonding process. There will be an underwriting process associated ( Full Answer )
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Is there an Oklahoma panhandle?

Yes. A panhandle is a long piece of land that extends from the main part of the state that is not a peninsula.
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How was Oklahoma settled?

Well I don't think this Q is hard but now they should have an answer for it so good luck.
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Is Oklahoma cold?

No, it has a climate similar to the Meditteranean, Sub-tropical climate. It's not like Egypt or Saudi Arabia though.
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What region is Oklahoma?

Oklahoma is located in the Great Plains of the United States. It issouth of Kansas and north of the state of Texas.
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What are the Oklahoma symbols?

The Official State Mammal is the American Bison, which is both fitting and apppropriate. The Official State Meal which is a culinary and dietary disaster. Why have four Of ( Full Answer )
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Are ravens in Oklahoma?

Scientific data on the subject can be a bit flaky for the state of Oklahoma, some saying they don't occur anywhere in the state, while other sources say they occure in the pan ( Full Answer )
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What is the Oklahoma Meal?

The Oklahoma Legislature kept adding favorite dishes to its list of Official State Symbols until it came up with a virtual banquet. The Official State Meal includes: . Barbec ( Full Answer )
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What is the elevation of Oklahoma City Oklahoma?

the elevation in Oklahoma city is kind of high and kind of low. Answer: The elevation in Oklahoma City ranges between 1,050 and 1,334 feet above sea level.
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What does Oklahoma rank?

It is the 28th most populated state, the 36th most densely populated state, the 20th largest state and it was the 46th state to join the Union. Oklahoma is the 5th largest whe ( Full Answer )
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What can you do in Oklahoma City?

well you can do almost everything the same like hike baseball football hockey basketball and more it is just like every other city
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When did the Oklahoma start the Oklahoma thunders?

When hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans the Hornets relocated to OKC for the 05-06 and 06-07 seasons. It did so well in OKC the NBA took notice and decided to move the Seattle ( Full Answer )
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What are facts for Oklahoma?

one interesting fact is that oklahoma has a famouse baketball team called "oklahoma city thunder"
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Why does Oklahoma have earthquakes?

Just about everywhere on Earth can have earthquakes. Some locations are more known for it than others, but it turns out that one of the largest earthquakes ever in the United ( Full Answer )
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Who found Oklahoma City Oklahoma?

Good question. The answer to who found Oklahoma city is Choctaw chief actually known as Allen wright thank you for your question answered by: Brittney Hernandez
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How did Oklahoma City Oklahoma get named?

Oklahoma got its name from a Choctaw chief, named Allen wright. He suggested the name in 1866, from the Indian words "Okla 'homa" which means " red people" But also the nickna ( Full Answer )
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Is Oklahoma in the southwest?

Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona make up the southwestern part of the united states.
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Is Texas in Oklahoma?

No, it is not. Texas and Oklahoma are neighboring states of theUnited States, and they are not the same. Oklahoma does share aborder with Texas; there is also a Texas County i ( Full Answer )
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Is Oklahoma in EST?

No, Oklahoma is on Central Time and during part of the year it's onDaylight Savings Time other parts of the year it's on CST.