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Names of polygons from 3 to 100?

triangle3 sided polygonquadrilateral4 sided polygonpentagon5 sided polygonhexagon6 sided polygonheptagon7 sided polygonoctagon8 sided polygonnonagon9 sided polygondecagon10 sided polygonhendecagon11 sided polygondodecagon12 sided polygontriskaidecagon13 sided polygontetrakaidecagon14 sided polygonpentakaidecagon15 sided polygonhexakaidecagon16 sided polygonheptakaidecagon17 sided polygonoctakaidecagon18 sided polygoneneeakaidecagon19 sided polygonicosagon20 sided polygonthe others i dont… Full Answer

What were emperor meiji's achievements?

Accomplishments of Emperor Meiji:Charter of OathFormed a new governmentAbolished the feudal systemCreated a new Government that copied the German GovernmentRenegotiated the unequal treatiesModernized JapanCreated a stronger, and more loyal army.Destroyed the feudal systemSundancer (anonymous person) meh meh meh Full Answer