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How do glial cells help the brain function?

There are different types of glial cells and they each have a separate function. You have astroglia, microglia and oligodendroglia. Some are for structural integrity, some for cleaning up debris and some are used to make myelin. Full Answer

What are parts of the nervous system?

The nervous system is composed of several basic cell types, including nerve cells called neurons, interstitial cells called neurolemma (cells of Schwann), satellite cells, oligodendroglia, and astroglia; and several connective-tissue cell types, including fibroblasts and microglia, blood vessels, and extracellular… Full Answer

What words begin with 'olig-'?

oligarch oligarchic oligarchical oligarchies oligarchs oligarchy oligocene oligochaete oligochaetes oligoclase oligoclases oligodendrocyte oligodendroglia oligogene oligogenes oligomer oligomeric oligomerization oligomers oligonucleotide oligophagies oligophagous oligophagy oligopolies oligopolistic oligopoly oligopsonies oligopsonistic oligopsony oligosaccharide oligotrophic oliguria oligurias Full Answer

What are 50 words that end in a?

4-letter words bema, beta 12-letter words chlorenchyma, dysmenorrhea, encyclopedia, endothelioma, eosinophilia, epiphenomena, hyperkinesia, hyperlipemia, hyperpyrexia, hyperthermia, hypochondria, hypoglycemia, mesothelioma, mitochondria, neurofibroma, normothermia, perichondria, polycythemia, prosopopoeia, sclerenchyma, stichomythia, sulfonylurea, technophobia 13-letter words disequilibria, hyperesthesia, hyperglycemia, hypermetropia, hyperuricemia, nonequilibria, schizophrenia, syringomyelia 14-letter… Full Answer

What Scrabble words end with the letter ia?

3-letter words pia, ria, via 4-letter words amia, aria, chia, glia, ilia, inia, ixia, obia, ohia, raia 5-letter words aecia, agria, amnia, atria, ceria, cilia, cobia, coria, curia, dulia, entia, facia, feria, folia, gonia, labia, lamia, logia, mafia, mania, maria… Full Answer