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Where is Ontario?

In Canada, bordered by the United States, as well as the provinces of Quebec and Manitoba. Eastern Canada
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Who runs Ontario?

Just as the Queen of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland Queen Elizabeth 2 is the true leader of Canada. (Represented by the Governor General) The true leader of Ontario i ( Full Answer )
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Who is the governor of Ontario?

Canadian provinces are headed by lieutenant governors, the titlecontrasting with that of the federal Governor General. TheLieutenant Governor of Ontario is Elizabeth Dowdes ( Full Answer )
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What is the size of Ontario?

Ontario is 415,000 square miles, approximately twice the size of Texas which is 268,600 square miles.
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Is there a seashore in Ontario?

No seashore, but we do have thousands of lakes including the Great Lakes so we do have plenty of freshwater shores. Correct Answer: In fact, Ontario does have a seashore, b ( Full Answer )
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Where do Ontario grapes grow in Ontario?

Ontario Grapes Grow in somewhere up north like in sudbury or sue st. Marie -Lout Fri Dec 12 2008 My answer is based on personal experience. The grapes in Ontario grow in the ( Full Answer )
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Is Toronto in Ontario?

Yes, Toronto is the largest city located in Ontario, Canada. IT is also has many historical wars
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Is Ontario in Toronto?

No, other way around. Toronto is the capital city of the Canadian province of Ontario. It is also the most populated city in Canada, followed by Montréal and Vancouver.
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What religion does Ontario have?

Ontario, like many cities, has citizens that practice different religions. It does not have one major religion.
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What are facts about Ontario?

Much of the border between Ontario is formed by the Ottawa River. people in Ontario speak English primarily. Toronto Ontario is one of the largest cities in Canada. it is the ( Full Answer )
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Facts about Ontario?

the Canadian National Tower is located in Toronto,Ontario at 1,815 feet (553 meters)it is the worlds tallest tower. Niagara folls is located in Ontario,Canada the Toront ( Full Answer )
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Who settled Ontario?

People lived in Ontario as early as twelve thousand years ago. In1611 it was claimed by Henry Hudson for the country of Britain. Itwas settled by British and French people, in ( Full Answer )
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Is Ontario a continent?

No, Ontario is not a continent. The continents are North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Antarctica, and Africa. As you can see, Ontario is not one of the ( Full Answer )
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Who is the Commissioner of Ontario?

Ontario does not have a commissioner. Commissioners are the chief executives of territories, appointed as representatives of the federal government. The chief executive off ( Full Answer )
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How does Ontario get its money?

Revenue comes in from: - Provincial sales tax - Liquor tax - Amusement tax - User fees (i.e. driver licences) - Income tax - Equalization payments form the federal g ( Full Answer )
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What do the Ontario do for entertainment?

1. Watch movies at the movie theater. 2. Recreation sports such as hockey, snowboarding, skiing, snow mobile. 3. Visit concerts, sporting events
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Where is mountains in Ontario?

Yes, there are mountains in Ontario: Ishpatina Ridge - Located in Sudbury, Ontario Maple Mountain - Located in Temagami's, Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Provincial Park ( Full Answer )
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Does Ontario have a constitution?

Since Ontario is one of the 10 provinces of Canada, it falls under the Canadian Constitution. For more on the Canadian Constitution click on Canadian Constitution in the Re ( Full Answer )
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Who is in charge in Ontario?

The Federal Government (under control of Stephen Harper) is in charge of all Canadian provinces, but Dalton McGuinty is the Premier of Ontario.
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Is Ontario by Yucaipa?

Yucaipa is a city located 10 miles east of San Bernardino, California, in Western United States. Ontario is located on the Eastern of Canada. So, no... Yucaipa is not near ( Full Answer )
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What is Ontarios area?

415,600 miles or 1076395 km 2 is the area. The area codes are 226, 289, 416, 519, 613, 647, 705, 807, and 905.
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How can i get a glofish in ONTARIO?

Know someone who got some before they were banned. Or you could smuggle them into Ontario.
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Are there opossums in Ontario?

Yes, in fact we live in Courtice Ontario, which is in between Oshawa, and Bowmanville. Last night our neighbour took a few pictures of a opossum on his back deck eating some f ( Full Answer )
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Are there geckos in Ontario?

Yes there is at least one breed of gecko in Ontario it is red and white they have been found on cliff sides in northern Ontario
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What are the sports in Ontario?

Professional sports teams in Ontario include: National Baseball Association -Toronto Raptors National Hockey League -Toronto Maple Leafs -Ottawa Senators Major League Baseb ( Full Answer )
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Why does Ontario not get Tornadoes?

Actually there are tornadoes in Ontario. Some as strong as F4. In2009 an F2 tornado hit the Toronto area. On May 31, 1985 13tornadoes touched down in Ontario, including anf F4 ( Full Answer )
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Are wolves in Ontario?

I do believe they live wild in Ontario. Many wolves seem to thrive in Canada, whereas in the USA, there are very few wild wolves left.
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What is Ontarios religon?

The nation of Canada, including its province of Ontario, practices religious pluralism and has no official religion. The major religions in Ontario are Protestantism (34%), Ca ( Full Answer )
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Is Ontario landlocked?

No Ontario is not landlocked. It is bordered to the North by the Hudson Bay.
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How did moose get to Ontario?

They've been there long before the white settlers ever came to Canada, and likely even before the Native Americans showed up.
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Where did Ontario get it name?

Ontario got it's name from Lake Ontario . Did you know Ontario borders 4 out of 5 lakes? Inculding Lake Ontario funny right
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What does Ontario have?

As a word, when spelled correctly, Ontario has two "O's", one "N", one "T", one "A", one "R", and one "I".
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Where is Ontario Canada?

Located in east central Canada with Hudson Bay to the north and Quebec to the east, capital Ottawa