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What is oogonium?

1. Primitive germ cells; proliferate by mitotic division. All oogonia develop into primary oocytes prior to birth; no oogonia are present after birth. 2. In fungi, the female gametangium bearing one or more oospores. Full Answer

Oogenesis location in body?

Oogenesis is the name of the process by which female egg cells or oocytes develop to create an ovum, or egg cell. These cells go through a three step process; oogonium to a primary oocyte, secondary oocyte, and finally an… Full Answer

Do males produce gametes faster then females do?

In mammals a female is born with all of the oogonium (eventually eggs) she will ever produce. However, males can continuously produce gametes throughout their lifetime. Sperm are produced in around 64 days. Primary follicles (that produce ovum) take around… Full Answer