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Is Ophiuchus a sun sign?

Ophiuchus is a constellation the sun passes along the sky, so it is a zodiac constellation, but modern astrology doesn't have anything to do with the constellations anymore. In some areas, Ophiuchus is given a zodiac sign, which looks like… Full Answer

Is a ophiuchus a zodiac?

Ophiuchus is a zodiac in the astronomical definition of a zodiac, i.e the Sun passes through Ophiuchus on its way across the sky. In the astrological sense though, it is not. The Babylonians decided they only wanted 12 zodiacs, so… Full Answer

Is the zodiac sign ophiuchus fake?

Not exactly fake, but based on a whole different way of viewing the sky. Ophiuchus is not part of the traditional Zodiac because it is a fairly faint constellation, while Scorpio is very prominent constellation (in fact, one of the… Full Answer