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What is orchard grass?

Orchard grass (Dactylis glomerata) is a species of grass that is great to use for grazing livestock such as horses, sheep and cattle. It is a cool season (C3) grass that starts growth early in the spring and finishes by… Full Answer

What are different types of grass?

The different types of grasses include the following: wheatgrass brome grass fescue orchard grass timothy rye grass buffalo grass Bermuda grass bluegrass needle grass little/big bluestem grass blue grama grass saw grass crab grass Bahai grass sorghum barley wheat rice… Full Answer

Can rabbits eat oat grass?

Yes, rabbits can eat oat grass (oat hay), but it's a little too high in carbs/fat to be eaten every day. Oat grass should be considered a treat hay for most bunnies (some bunnies are fine to eat it more… Full Answer

Do guinea pigs eat hay and grass?

Yes, but only certain kinds. Get timothy hay or orchard hay from a local farm, feed store, or pet supply store (in which case Oxbow is the best brand). As for grass, they love to chew on freshly-cut pieces, but… Full Answer