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Is the James Ossuary genuine or fake?

That's a matter of personal belief. the box is certainly real, and there is no reason that it could not be genuine. Accusations of falsification have not been able to stand in court.Original accusers have admitted there is an ancient… Full Answer

What are synonyms for cemetery?

God's acre, Golgotha, boot hill, catacomb, charnel, charnel house, churchyard, city of the dead, crypt, eternal home, funerary grounds, garden, grave, graveyard, marble town, memorial park, mortuary, necropolis, ossuary, polyandrium, potter's field, resting place, sepulcher, tomb, vault Full Answer

Fable 3 gold doors?

the fable 3 gold doors are located in bowerstone castle (the way you escape at the beginning. there is one in the bright wall reliquary.there is one in sunset house in mourning wood and there is one in mourning wood… Full Answer

What is the most haunted thing on earth?

1: catacombs Paris France, theres haunted new Orleans, sedlec ossuary- Czec republic, Underground volts - Edinburgh scottland, Coliseum Rome Italy, Walanchia -transylvainia-the land of dracul- Romainia, Concentration camp-osweicim-Poland, whitacaps- spaittalfiels-London, unit 731 Expiramental camp -china, Haunted Guettysburg -Pennsylvainia Full Answer

Which word means a burial place?

You have a lot of words to choose from! catacomb cemetery churchyard charnel house columbarium crypt graveyard mausoleum necropolis ossuary potter's field reliquiary sepulchre tumulus There are other words used to denote places where remains are stored on a more… Full Answer