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What has the author Ottar Brox written?

Ottar Brox has written: 'Politikk' -- subject(s): Economic policy, Regional planning 'Hva skjer i Nord-Norge?' -- subject(s): Economic conditions, Regional planning 'Newfoundland fishermen in the age of industry' -- subject(s): Social conditions, Economic conditions 'Nord-Norge--sett fra luften' -- subject(s): Aerial… Full Answer

When was Norway named Norway?

The first time Norway is mentioned with a name in historical sources, it was still an undefined area. When the chieftain and explorer Ottar met the king of England in the 9th century, his story of the homeland was written… Full Answer

What is a genuine viking name?

Famous vikings, Swedish and Icelandic names; Egil Skallagrimsson Harald Gormsson Blåtand Harald Hårfagre Ottar Vendelkråka Sven Tveskägg Vagn Åkasson Erik Röde Olav Haraldsson Styrbjörn Starke Skauglar Toste Ingólfur Arnarson Full Answer