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What computer is the best computer?

I think that the best computer would be a Cray 3 supercomputer running Windows 7, overclocked to 150 mhZ, defragged to the limit and reconfigured opcodes. For people who do not have a 3.5 billion dollars, then I would recommend… Full Answer

How do you make your computer cooler?

Extreme computer users have overclocked the computer and bolted a refrigerator underneath the computer in an attempt to keep the computer cooler. Normal people use the computer near a window were there is natural ventilation

When overclocking system what problem occur?

Heat is normally the biggest problem when it comes to Overclocking. Overclocking generates more heat within your system. If your cooling is inadequate then the component(s) being overclocked may be permanently damaged.

What is inside a computer to ceep CPU cool?

Most modern systems use a fan for cooling. Some systems, particularly those that have been overclocked, use water cooling or even a form of refrigeration. These methods are expensive and quite inappropriate for general use.

Can everquest ii cause an overclock?

In short, No. "Overclocking" is when you edit the setting in your bios to push your CPU further than it was intended to go. Nothing "causes" overclocking. However if you have already overclocked your PC then it may be possible… Full Answer