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What causes pulmonary oxygen toxicity?

Pulmonary oxygen toxicity is caused by divers exposing themselves to elevated partial pressures of oxygen for long periods of time, and is primarily a concern for technical divers who decompress on oxygen. Pulmonary oxygen toxicity causes a burning sensation in… Full Answer

Flickering Eyes Oxygen Toxcicty?

Oxygen toxicity can cause seizures and spasms. That implies to me that flickering eyes may be a symptom of O2 toxicity, but not a common or likely one. While possible, I'd personally look elsewhere for the cause. Full Answer

What limits oxygen delivery to cells?

various reasons. the blood is responsible for delivering oxygen to the cells. as a result anything blocks the blood from reaching the cells will limit the oxygen. or some intoxication such as CO toxicity which replace the place of oxygen… Full Answer

What chemical displaces oxygen in the air?

There are several chemicals that as a gas will displace oxygen, depending on the partial pressure of the gas and the atmosphere. In firefighting systems, the halon family of inert halogens (bromochlorodifluoromethane) prevent oxygen from reaching the combusting materials. Because… Full Answer

What minerals are toxic?

once again...this question CANNOT be answered as is, it needs to be more specific. -are you asking about oral, demal or inhalation toxicity? -are you asking about acute toxicity, chronic toxicity, or carcinogenic toxicity? -if asking about acute toxicity, are… Full Answer