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Where is washiton?

Washington DC is the capital of The United States of America. It is in the area that is called the "Middle Atlantic states," about 45 minutes from Baltimore MD. There is also another Washington-- it is a state in the… Full Answer

Did Lewis and Clark return by sea?

They sailed up the Columbia River from the Pacific Ocean to the interior of Oregon, but, they had to walk over the Rocky Mountains by foot. There is no river that goes from the Pacific Ocean to the Missouri/Mississippi river… Full Answer

Why washinghton is called DC?

There is a Washington state on the Pacific coast of America on the border of Canada. The DC after the name of the capital is primarily to distinguish the capital from the state. Washington is on the eastern side of… Full Answer

Where state is Washington redskin HOME?

The Washington Redskins Football team home is The Capitol of United states - Washington DC, DC stands for District OF Columbia, it is technically not a state. But, it is Physically in the state of Maryland. The Redskins have nothing… Full Answer

What is power system stabilizer?

Power system stabilizer (PSS) control provides a positive contribution by damping generator rotor angle swings, which are in a broad range of frequencies in the power system. These range from low frequency intertie modes (typically 0.1 - 1.0 Hz), to… Full Answer