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Where is Padua?

Padua, called Padova in Italian, is in Northeastern Italy and is the capital of the Padua region.

What is the population of Padua?

The population of the city of Padua in Italy is approximately 214,000 (according to the 2011 Census). Padua is famously the setting of Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew.

Where is Padova in Rome?

Padua is the city which is located in the northern Italy. This city is considered as one of the communication and economic hubs of the area. Additionally, it is also the capital of province of Padua. This city is also… Full Answer

What has the author Giotto written?

Giotto has written: 'Le storie di san Francesco d'Assisi' -- subject(s): San Francesco (Church : Assisi, Italy) 'The complete paintings of Giotto' 'Giotto' 'Giotto : Cappella degli Scrovegni' -- subject(s): Cappella degli Scrovegni nell'Arena (Padua, Italy) 'Giotto' -- subject(s): Accessible… Full Answer