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What is pandeism?

Pandeism is a belief in a God which is both pantheistic and deistic, who designed the universe and then became the universe, thus ceasing to act consciously with respect to the universe. Full Answer

What religions were in the 1700's?

Most of the major religions that are around today were already around in the 1700s. Various branches of Christianity existed including Catholics, Lutherans, Baptists, and Anglicans. In Western Europe, Calvinism was much more popular and prominent in the 1700s than… Full Answer

What is the name of Christian God?

YHWH - the four letters of the name preserved in Hebrew texts. Since vowels were not included, the exact pronunciation has not been preserved. Some scholars believe that it is pronounced Yahweh; it is not often used. Jehovah is the… Full Answer

What is God's name?

God's name is Yehowah, it is given to us in Exodus 3. Jehovah is an incorrect German transliteration of the true Hebrew name Yehowah. The Messiah, who's true Hebrew name is Yehowshuwa did use his Father's name when he quoted… Full Answer