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What is a panentheist?

A panentheist is a person who believes in panentheism - the doctrine that the universe subsists within God, but that God nevertheless transcends or has some existence separate from the universe. Full Answer

What are Hindus free to believe?

Hinduism is a diverse system of thought with beliefs spanning monotheism, polytheism, panentheism, pantheism, monism, atheism, agnosticism, gnosticism and its concept of God is complex and depends upon each particular tradition and philosophy Full Answer

What do you call sun bliever?

Most religions had elements of sun worship in their earlier forms. More common is nature worship, which would include sun worship as it being part of nature. panentheism, pantheism, deism, polytheism, animism,totemism, shamanism and paganism have nature worship within their… Full Answer

Are Hindu's Christians?

No While many practising Hindus may show Christian principles, because they do not follow Jesus Christ, they cannot be classed as Christian. But then again, I can think of no major world religion that does not share most or all… Full Answer

What religions were in the 1700's?

Most of the major religions that are around today were already around in the 1700s. Various branches of Christianity existed including Catholics, Lutherans, Baptists, and Anglicans. In Western Europe, Calvinism was much more popular and prominent in the 1700s than… Full Answer

What are ten easy-to-read facts about Hinduism?

Hindu spirit, inspired by no one man or woman in particular, is best captured in a line from the ancient Rig Veda, the "oldest religious scripture in the world." (1): Sanskrit: एकम् सत् विप्रा: बहुधा वदन्ति Transliteration: Ekam Sat Vipr¨¡ha… Full Answer

Words that start with the prefix pan?

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