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What is panoply?

A panoply is a complete suit of armour. The word represents the ancient Greek πανοπλια. The word παν means "all", and όπλον, "arms". Thus "panoply" refers to the full armour of a hoplite or heavy-armed soldier, i.e. the shield, breastplate… Full Answer

How do Spartans go into battle?

The Spartan Hoplite went into battle in a panoply of heavy armour (hopla - Hence the name 'Hoplite') within a tightly knit infantry formation known as a phalanx relying heavily upon their main weapon the sarissa which was a 4… Full Answer

What is the greek military class?

The cavalryman who can afford to keep a horse (rare, when farmers' plots are generally at subsistence size). The hoplite or foot soldier who can supply himself with a panoply of arms (hopla = helmet, cuirass, greaves, helmet, shield, spear… Full Answer

What was the military in Athens?

The citizens who had a panoply of arms (shield, armour, helmet, spear and sword) made up the core of the army - they were called hoplites from hoopla = panoply of arms. A few rich enough to afford the upkeep… Full Answer

What did the Greeks wear at the Trojan war?

The defensive armour most used consisted of four pieces: helmet (kranos), cuirass (thorax), shield (aspis) and greaves (knimis). A weapon is called hoplon from which panoply and hoplite (a man with weapons) is derived (initially the shield was called hoplon… Full Answer