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What is papyrus paper used for?

Papyrus paper was used in ancient times to document important happenings and decrees of the Egyptian Pharaohs. During the rule of the Byzantine Empire, better quality of Papyrus paper were used and made scrolls out of them. Full Answer

What was the Aztec codices made from?

it is made with Papel Amate; it is a form of paper that has been manufactured in Mexico since pre-hispanic time. Amate paper was extensivly produced and used for both communication, records and ritual during the Aztec Empire. Full Answer

What is the empire strikes back tour?

The Empire Strikes Back Tour consists of Architect + Momentum, The Arsenal (Vizion, Adversity & Hostyle) and Celphi. If you can, I highly recommend you check them out while they're in your area. The homie Kid Presentable!!! from The Paper… Full Answer