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Where is pevonia and is it safe?

Pevonia Botanica products for face reveal a healthy, youthful radiant complexion of your skin. It reveal healthy skin with result driven paraben free products formulated with organics. Full Answer

Are ahava products toxic or corrosive?

That depends on how you define those terms. Ahava claims their products are paraben free, SLS/SLES Free, and Approved for Sensitive Skin. But the company's factory is based in an illegal West Bank settlement, and they use mud sourced from… Full Answer

What do chemicals do to your skin?

It depends on the chemical... A few chemicals that are harmful to your skin would be: Methyl, Propyl, Butyl and/or Ethyl Paraben. Most of the chemicals that you find are harmful, you find in your hair shampoo and conditioner and… Full Answer

What is methyl paraben?

Methylparaben is an antilfungal that is widely used as a preservative for food, drugs, and cosmetics. The compound is often found in carpules of local anaesthetic, acting as a bacteriostatic agent and preservative. Methylparaben (also called Nipigin M, Tegosept, and… Full Answer

How long will a methyl paraben solution expire?

On the stability of Methyl Paraben: Parabens are inactivated (partially or fully) by polysorbates and compounds like cellulose derivatives, proteins and lecithin. They also can be absorbed by many different clays or similar compounds. Parabens are pH-dependent. The order of… Full Answer

What is the best eye cream to avoid dark circles?

Knowing that the area around the eyes is made up of very fragile and sensitive skin, Vanishée embarks on its anti-eyebags, anti-dark circles, and anti-puffiness mission with its natural formula promoted as paraben-free, anti-comedogenic, and with natural key ingredients. This… Full Answer

Whats the best face wash?

I prefer using tea tree face wash by Nyassa which is easily available online. Refresh and clean your face with Nyassa Tea Tree Oil Face Wash, This SLS, SLES and Paraben free (free from harsh chemicals) face wash is extremely… Full Answer