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What exacly is a parallax error?

A parallax error is when the experimenter reads or record incorrect measurement of a quantity.This may happen because he/she does not know how to read the instrument and can be prevented by learning to read the instrument correctly. Full Answer

What camera causes parallax error?

The parallax error happens when you take a picture using your digital camera and the picture does not appear to look the same as it did in the viewfinder. The cameras that may have this error occur are the twin… Full Answer

What is parallax error in measurement?

parallax error occurs when the line of sight or measure is not at right angles ( perpendicular ) to the objects being measured. Any distance between the object and the measuring reference ( for example a rule ) will cause… Full Answer

What is a zero error?

The zero error of a measuring instrument is a result of a calibration error. For example, the speedometer dial in my car shows 10 mph even when the car is parked - the needle cannot go below that position. Many… Full Answer